A Teenager Novelist


" I wonder what this life is.The dark seems to have a deep look at us, ready to jump while we are injoying any sweet moment of it "      in "Le revers nous épie"


Calissa Ikama (1992 - 2007) full name : Calissa Victoria IKAMA NGALA, was born on july 8th 1992 in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. Congolese, she was the elder of a seven children family.

She was thirteen when she had been writing, from april to june 2005, her first novel intitled "Le Triomphe de Magalie" (117 pages, Editions Lemba 2005 ). She achieved, on august 2006, her second working intitled "Le revers nous épie" , that she started writing just after the first one. Her third novel ( "L'envers du panachage") had already been writing at the begining of october 2005. She has been trying to write several other books (more than fourty titles: "De l'autre côté qu'y-a-t-il?" , "Un cauchemar cynique" ,  etc. ) She had already conceved some chapters and caracters by the way. Because of problems of health, Calissa IKAMA could not achive her ambicious projet, till she passed away (november 11th 2007 in France).

In adddition to the books, Calissa IKAMA realised some paintings : one few hours before she passed away and one another choosen to make part of "Anatomie poétique" Exposition  in Paris (Atelier Pablo Picasso) on december 2007.

Calissa IKAMA whished to become, one day, Doctor, Actress, Artist, etc...

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