Calissa Ikama's biography


A Biographic Speech


Miss Ikama Ngala Calissa Victoria was born on the 8th of July 1992 in Brazzaville.

She is from a family of seven children in which she was the oldest.


The Young Calissa went to preschool at St Anne. She started and finished Elementary school at both Nazareth Elementary and Cle phenix school in Brazzaville where she also carried out her secondary education up to the 9th grade. Very quickly, she distinguished herself in her daily life by searching for order and harmony in everything she observed and did.


At the age of 12, in the eight grade, Calissa Victoria Ngala Ikama wrote from April to June 2005, by her own initiative, alone without help, a novel of 117 pages, titled: Le Triomphe de Magalie, published in 2005 by the publishing industry of Lemba. A few weeks after the completion of the manuscript of her first novel, Calissa started to write the manuscript of her second one titled Le Revers Nous Epie. A manuscript that she finished in August 2006 before she went on a vacation

In France and Spain.


Calissa did unfortunately not returned back to her country at the end of her vacation in Europe since she had been admitted at the hospital Robert Debret on the very day of her flight back home.  After her first diagnosis which turned out to be incorrect (Intestinal Tuberculosis ), and the beginning of a treatment in relation with the diagnosis, several other medical tests had to be done in order to figure out exactly what Calissa was suffering from: and this was the most rare and deadliest form of cancer to children.


Calissa fought courageously, during 14 months against this heavy illness by sharing her life between home and different hospitals of Paris like Curie Institute. In spite of her pain, she suffered in silence and kept her sense of humor, her consciousness, her calm, and her very strong personality as if she was determined to put in application one of her own following announcements that

she made while answering to BBC Africa correspondent  : “Death is a step of life.  We should rather prepare ourselves to welcome it, to accept it.”


During her illness Calissa showed a lot of courage: she confronted people’s looks by showing up herself in public with no discomfort and she supported others by joking about her illness. Calissa stayed attached to her country, her usual diet and her family,  which she constantly asked to see again. She never wanted to settle in France. This is how, after a brief moment of remission backed by a long and heavy surgery, she demanded to go back home to see her siblings which she missed very much, during 12 months. But only a few week after her return to Congo Brazzaville, Calisssa had once again to confront the first signs of the return of her painful disease. She had no choice but to return back to France on Friday November 9th 2007 and was admitted one more time at the hospital of Institute Curie on Saturday, November 10th 2007. Calissa , the precocious writer passed away on Sunday, November 11th 2007,  at 5:30 AM.


Along her short life as a child writer, Calissa stayed modest and kind. Her goals were clearly defined in her head. As she wrote ‘’ Life is simple, but do not complicate it. That’s strange, I’ve never had faith in myself. I have ambitions, dreams and incredible things to realize, but first of all I have to prepare it, the way…”.



As if she wanted to follow up on this statement, some hours before her passing, Calissa made a painting of a landscape ( a path ) in about one hour and a half with lots of enthousiasm, cooperation of sense of humor. On this painting, she illustrates this path which certainly was the one she was preparing to engage in in order to realize her dreams and reach her ambitions. She seemed to have represented herself in the form of a tree different from six others that paved the path. And the number of trees seemed not to have been chosen by chance: It obviously revealed a part of her family life. A family that she so loved. After finishing this paint, Calissa fell asleep and never woke up.



Besides the work that we mentioned earlier, Calissa left behind many other works which include several unfinished texts and a painting that was chosen by Art and Plastic staff of Curie Institute in Paris, and that will be part of the exposition at Studio Picasso in Paris in December 2007.


So, to end, dear parents, friends, ladies and gentlemen, we are inviting you to share with us the feeling that, through her various work and things she talked about in public (among others, her interest in the fight against incurable diseases), Calissa showed us the way to follow so to help her to complete what she was unable to realize before her premature departure.


Calissa, our daughter, you have been deprived of peace and joy during 14 months, that now your soul is resting in peace close to the Lord, our God! 

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